Recessed Lighting for Grownups

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs you grow older you begin to understand why your parents cared so much about you not breaking things and wanting the house to look nice – not just when people came over, but all the time. It’s a matter of pride and stature, and with the purchase of a new house, the plan is to make the place into a home – something to be proud of and show off.

We started with art that we found interesting, hanging and placing in the living room, bedroom, and kitchen pieces that spoke to us along with accent pieces that were appropriate. We didn’t flood the place with décor, but it certainly wasn’t boring.

After taking a look at our work, it seemed like everything was a bit too flat. It all blended together. A solution that we came upon by accident was recessed lighting – something to accentuate certain pieces and give an ebb and flow to the room.

Local Accent

Now that we had the idea of installing recessed lighting, we weren’t exactly sure how to go about it. The piles of decorative catalogs and magazines helped us get an idea of what we wanted; now we needed a way to implement it. A trip to the hardware store did just that. The workers were knowledgeable and knew exactly where we could find the fixtures and hardware we’d need. When we asked if this is a project we could handle ourselves, they cautiously said yes. To us, that meant probably not.

So we made a phone call and got an electrician in and showed him our plans. He sprang into action. He got the fixtures up fast, and our old flat living space now looks like a professional gallery. It’s a place we enjoy coming home to, and he made much less of a mess of things than we would have. If you’re going to spruce up the mood lighting, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

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