Whole-Home Surge Protector Installation in Tampa, FL

When it comes to power outages, Florida leads the nation in our frequency of them. In fact, we’ve held the record for the last ten years due to harsh tropical weather and hurricanes that are prevalent in our state. Power surges are also common as Florida is also the lightning capital of the nation. Power surges can wreak havoc on your home’s electrical devices and put your home and family at risk of an electrical fire.

Contact Hoffman Electrical & A/C today at 866-238-3243 to learn how whole-home surge protection can safeguard your Tampa or St. Petersburg home from both large and small power surges.

What is Whole-Home Surge Protection?

Whole-house surge protection was invented to shield electrical appliances and circuitry from spikes in voltage. The actual surge protector device regulates the amounts of voltage that are permitted to enter your home and is easily mounted to your electric meter/panel. When a spike hits the surge protector, it safely reduces the voltage level to an acceptable amount before it is permitted to enter your home’s wiring. Every piece of technology that is tied to your electrical wiring is then under the umbrella of surge protection that the device provides. 

Why Should You Invest in Whole-House Surge Protector?

The top reason that your household could benefit from whole-house surge protection is safety. Power surges can cause massive changes in the temperature of your electrical wires. If these wires overheat enough, it can trigger an electrical fire. Second to protecting the life of your loved ones is protecting the life span of your electronics. Electrical systems and the appliances/devices attached to them often carry a hefty price tag. Large power surges from Florida’s frequent lightning strikes can fry the circuitry and components of your devices. Whole-house surge protection means you are avoiding the need to pay for electrical rewiring, new appliances, or other repairs.

Signs That Your Home May Be at Risk

Investing in whole-home surge protection is a win-win. If you never need it, you still get the protection and peace of mind that it is there. And if you do need it, then you have benefited from its protection and can appreciate it even more. Some homes may already be showing signs that they are at risk for surge-related electrical damages. Flickering lights, circuit breakers that trip repeatedly, and discolored or damaged outlets are all signs that the health of your electrical system is not normal and in need of an inspection.

When you see signs that your electrical system isn’t stable, contact Hoffman Electrical & A/C at 866-238-3243 to schedule a safety inspection. Prevention now can save you time and money on a costly repair later.

Whole-Home Surge Protection in Tampa & St. Petersburg

Small acts can yield great rewards. A whole-home surge protector is easy to install, but packs powerful protection for your family, electronics, appliances, and pocketbook from random power surges. Hoffman Electrical & A/C electricians are industry trained and licensed to perform electrical installations that meet NEC (National Electrical Code) regulations as well as state and municipal regulations. With over 30 years of industry experience, you can rest assured that service will be reliable and honest.

Learn more about surge protection today by calling Hoffman Electrical & A/C at 866-238-3243. The power is in your hands.

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