Residential Electricians in Tampa, FL

Family-owned and -operated Hoffman Electrical & A/C has performed top-quality, licensed, residential electrical services since 1989. When you need a dependable electrician to diagnose and fix an electrical issue, or you want an electrical upgrade, let our family help your family!

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Residential Electrical Installation

When you’re moving into a new home, upgrading your current home, or dealing with a broken-down electrical fixture or appliance, you need a trustworthy residential electrician. Hoffman Electrical & A/C has the experience, knowledge, and outstanding service to make customers happy. We’ll help you choose the best electrical fixtures or appliances for your needs and then provide expert electrical installation.

Our electricians can install:

Call Hoffman Electrical & A/C at 866-238-3243, or reach out to us online to request service for your Tampa-area home.

Residential Electrical Repair in Tampa, FL

When anything electric malfunctions in your home, you need a top-class, professionally licensed technician for prompt and effective electrical repairs. From small jobs like fixing an outlet to big jobs like rewiring your house, we’ll give your project our full respect and attention.

Hoffman Electrical & A/C offers electrical repair services for:

For top-quality electrical repair in the Tampa, FL, area, call Hoffman Electrical & A/C at 866-238-3243, or contact us online!

Generators in Tampa, FL

Florida homeowners are used to losing power to severe storms and hurricanes, but no one should have to go without power for an extended period of time.

With a home standby generator from Generac installed by Hoffman Electrical & A/C, you’ll never again have to wait while your phone battery dies, your home gets uncomfortably hot, and everything in your refrigerator spoils. Once we’ve installed your standby generator, you’ll have 24/7 automatic protection for:

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Lights
  • Security systems
  • Computers
  • Water heaters
  • Refrigerators
  • Shore power operating for bilge pumps
  • Sump pumps
  • And more!

Residential Wiring in Tampa, FL

If your home isn’t properly wired, you’ll have endless electrical problems. Your appliances won’t work right, your lights will flicker, and your breakers will trip and shut off the power. Even when the electrical wiring to a single appliance is wrong, you may be at risk of everything from a small electric shock to a house fire.

Luckily, Hoffman Electrical & A/C can handle your new wiring installation, replacement wiring, or wiring repairs, so you stay safe and all your electric devices keep working.

Residential Lighting

When you want to improve your current residential lighting or add new lighting, Hoffman Electrical & A/C has you covered. Whether you want a lighting change for the aesthetics or a practical addition to make your home more functional, we can provide exactly what you need, including:

If you’re happy with your home’s lighting, but something starts malfunctioning, we’ve got your lighting repair or replacement needs covered, too, including:

  • Electrical wiring repair
  • Outlet and fixture wiring
  • Full replacement or improvements on existing fixtures
  • Electrical upgrades, so lighting works well and at maximum efficiency
  • And more!

Call Hoffman Electrical & A/C at 866-238-3243, or reach out online to schedule an appointment today!

Why Choose Hoffman Electrical & A/C?

We’ve provided thousands of Florida residents with the best home services for more than 30 years. Our electricians are trained to meet all local and state regulations and National Electrical Code regulations. We also offer:

Call Hoffman Electrical & A/C at 866-238-3243, or reach out to us online today!

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