Dock Lighting Services in Tampa, FL

To use your dock well after dark, it needs proper lighting. Lighting helps the dock be usable by boats, making it easier to track its location and park a boat effectively. It also makes it safer for pedestrians or fisherman. No matter what use you have for your boat, Hoffman Electrical & A/C can help you add beautiful and effective lighting. We are located in the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas of Florida, and we have the knowledge and skill to light your dock for you.

To start planning your dock lighting design and installation in Florida, reach out to Hoffman Electrical & A/C.

Why Add Dock Lighting to Your Property?

There are many reasons to consider adding dock lighting to your waterfront property. Some of these reasons include:

  • Safety – Illuminate the pathway so people can see where they are walking when there’s not much natural light.
  • Fishing – Fish may be attracted to the lighting, which can make your fishing more effective.
  • Docking – Dock with ease, even in low light situations, with lighting.
  • Aesthetics – Make your dock look beautiful, even after dark, with strategically placed lighting.

To enjoy these benefits, contact the Tampa, FL team at Hoffman Electrical & A/C for dock lighting installation. Call (866) 238-3243 or contact us online today.

Dock Lighting Planning Services

At Hoffman Electrical & A/C, our dock lighting starts with planning and design. Our team will take the time to learn your goals for your lighting, whether it is safety, aesthetics, attracting fish, or docking your boat. For many docks, it may be all of these. Once we know your team, we will consider the overall shape of your dock and any surrounding landscaping that can impact the design of your lighting, and will then offer you a design that incorporates all of those goals.

Dock Lighting Installation

Once we have a plan, our skilled team will begin the installation process. If you need dock wiring to make your light possible, we offer that service as well. Once the dock is properly wired, we’ll add beautiful, water-safe lighting, both above and below water, to illuminate the space. You will enjoy the addition of lighting and the peace of mind that comes with knowing it is installed by qualified, professional electricians.

Add water-safe lighting to your dock with one call to Hoffman Electrical & A/C. We serve the greater Tampa area. Call (866) 238-3243 or contact us online.

Why Choose Hoffman Electrical & A/C for Tampa, FL Dock Lighting Installation?

At Hoffman Electrical & A/C, we strive to exceed your expectations with every dock lighting job. We offer upfront pricing and written warranties. We also offer financing options, and residential customers can take advantage of our Hoffman Signature Savings Club. We serve both commercial and residential property owners and have a full list of electrical services for your consideration.

Give Hoffman Electrical & A/C a call at (866) 238-3243 or contact us online for more information on dock lighting installation in Tampa, FL and beyond.

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