Heat Pump Repair in Tampa, FL

Is your heat pump making weird noises, leaving hot spots in your home, or otherwise performing poorly? You’ve come to the right place! Hoffman Electrical & A/C is a leading provider of heat pump services, including heat pump repair and fast AC repair services.

Our locally owned and operated HVAC company is your complete source for timely heat pump repair and support. We make it a point to ensure our clients are comfortable, informed, and completely satisfied with our services.

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Same Day Heat Pump Repair in Tampa, FL

Our technicians understand that when your heat pump goes down it can be a matter of minutes, not hours before your home becomes substantially less comfortable. That’s why we make it a priority to arrive as soon as possible and equipped with all of the tools and parts needed to provide a repair whenever possible.

Technicians from Hoffman Electrical & A/C are exceptionally well trained and highly experienced, carrying a full understanding of heat pump units from all major and minor HVAC brands. No matter the problem or its complexity, we can provide a repair service that returns you to normalcy as quickly as you need it.

Our heat pump repair services are available at any hour and on any day. Just dial 866-238-3243 to connect with a same-day HVAC service contractor near you now! 

When Should I Call for Heat Pump Repair?

Ideally, you should call for repair as soon as you notice something amiss with your heat pump system. Problems with an HVAC system tend to start small—weaker performance, higher energy bills—before they become a full-blown breakdown. That said, some warning signs are more obvious than others. We recommend calling for heat pump repair under any of these circumstances:

  • Your heat pump is stuck in heat or cool mode. A heat pump that will not swap modes is usually dealing with a reversing valve problem. It’s not a complicated or uncommon problem, but it will not be resolved until you call on a professional.
  • The heat pump is making unusual noises. Loud or persistent noise will typically indicate a damaged, loose, or worn-down heat pump component. This can cause a lot of damage if ignored, so we recommend calling for priority repairs.
  • Your heat pump is leaking water. Heat pump units regularly go into a defrost cycle as part of how they operate. This should, however, never result in water leaking anywhere inside of your home if operating correctly.
  • Your heat pump is causing electrical problems. Problems like breaker trips when the unit cycles on or odd humming noises coming from in or near the heat pump unit should be handled as soon as possible to ensure your safety and the health of your home electrical systems.
  • Your energy costs are steadily increasing. Spikes in energy costs are often a homeowner's first warning sign of a problem. This is because under most circumstances a heat pump will continue to run, but will do so for longer stints of time, which will eat up more power.

Fast Heat Pump Repair Services in Tampa and Clearwater, Florida

Whether your heat pump problems are minor, major, or anything in between, you can count on Hoffman Electrical & A/C for dependable repairs. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of our clients—the job isn’t done until you are comfortable and happy!

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