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We work with any type of electric wiring, old to new; from replacing an outlet to complete rewiring for both residential and commercial.

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When you're looking for an electrical company that you can feel confident working with you can turn to family-owned and operated Hoffman Electrical & A/C. We have been offering residents in the Tampa areaelectrical services since 1989 and have built up a spotless reputation in the process. When you need qualified electrical services with reasonable pricing you'll always be sure to find it with our company.


No matter what type of service we are working on we will always use the operating methods that are the most cost effective without compromising quality. We offer competitive pricing that's charged by the job and not by the hour so that you know exactly what to expect in terms of billing. We understand as a family-owned business that electrical emergency repairs and services may come up at the most inopportune times and that's why we always offer fair pricing guidelines for each and every one of our valued customers.


Our Tampa electricians all have the qualifications and experience necessary to complete all projects to a safe and effective final result. Whether you need an emergency repair done immediately, are working on renovations or are looking for electrical upgrades, you can count on our team to provide it.


If you're planning on building a new home we are the trusted choice in Tampa for electrical wiring for new housing. We understand the need to get the home completed on time and we are able to synchronize our services with those of other contractors that are on the site as well.


If you're working on renovations in your home you’ll want to have a trustworthy electrician by your side that can work with you within your budget. Every Florida renovation project is different so you'll need an electrician that has worked with various types of projects in the past and understands the flexibility that's required of them. When you're working within a specific budget we'll provide an estimate for the job done so that you'll know right away what the pricing will be upfront.


We also work with Tampa Bay homeowners and commercial establishments that need to set up a generator system in order to prepare for a power outage. You'll never have to worry about having an electricity outage again once you get hooked up with a backup generator system. Our company can provide you with all the wiring you'd need for either a manual or an automatic transfer switch when the lights go out.


Whether you're a homeowner, active in the construction industry or own a commercial property in the Tampa area, we know that you are looking for an electrical company that you can fully trust with your electrical contracting needs. You can trust Hoffman Electrical & A/C to provide competent and reliable services with qualified and experienced personnel. We're a friendly bunch of people and through the mutual respect that we have built up with our customers we have established a solid reputation in the Tampa Bay community. We look forward to helping you with any and all of your electrical needs this year. Contact us today for more information, or to set up an appointment.

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