How to Properly Use a Power Strip

They're not really our favorite way to gain some electrical access, nor are they the most effective. But honestly speaking, if you live in a home, you’re going to end up needing a power strip—or two—eventually. Whether you’re trying to fit in some kitchen appliances or you’re setting up a computer desk, it’s just hard to have enough outlets!

But before you go plugging away, the experts at Hoffman Electrical & A/C would like to have a quick chat about power strips, safety, and you.

Find yourself needing more electrical power access in your Tampa home? Skip the strips and give our certified electricians a call about installing more electrical outlets in Florida!

Proper Power Strip Use: Some Do’s & Don’ts

We know, they seem pretty much plug and play. But the reality is that electrical fires are frighteningly common, and we don’t want you getting hurt or hurting your home when you don’t have to! Don’t worry, these are all fairly simple; it’s just a bit of know-how that might save you some trouble.

When using a power strip:

  • Upgrade to surge protectors when possible. Keep in mind that a power strip simply splits your outlet, while a surge protector does the same, but adds protection for your appliances against potentially dangerous and damaging power surges. Surge protectors will do the same job, just safer.
  • Make sure it’s rated correctly for your use. One, be sure it has enough plugs to accommodate your needs (which will talk more about in a second), and two, be sure it can handle the wattage you’re going to be putting into it. There are industrial strips, office strips, hospital, etc; get the right kind!
  • Give them breathing room. Never cover power strips, or cords for that matter, with cloth or fabric. They can get hot enough to start a fire, which is of course something you’d rather avoid.
  • Never plug strips into other strips. Chaining power strips is one of the fastest ways to get an electrical fire, hands-down. We’re not going to tell you how to do your thing, but this is just a really silly problem that has cost a lot of homeowners loads of cash in damages.
  • Don’t use them for too long! At their core, these devices are meant as a stop-gap. They aren’t really intended for long-term use, especially power strips instead of surge protectors. Seek a long-term solution while you use your strip!

Outlet Installation: The Best Option

If you need more access to power, there’s a better way to get it done! Your friendly neighborhood electricians are here to help, and we can install new, safe outlets anywhere you need them. It’s a much safer, stronger, and more effective option, and it’ll last forever.

Want to learn more about outlet installation for your home in Tampa, FL? Contact the experts at Hoffman Electrical & A/C online today to set an appointment for your consultation!

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