Benefits of Energy Efficienct Lighting

An energy-efficient home has become the goal of nearly every modern homeowner. Lower costs, higher performance—what’s not to love? Lighting upgrades are commonly listed as one of the quickest and simplest methods of improving home efficiency, and this is for good reason. Want to know what new energy-efficient lighting in your home brings to the table? Follow along with Hoffman Electrical & A/C to find out.

The Biggest Perks of High-Efficiency Lighting

In the simplest definition something that is energy-efficient is simply an appliance or product that offers higher performance while also using up less power. But when it comes to lighting solutions like LED or CFL fixtures and bulbs, you stand to gain a good deal more:

  • Lower energy costs. The big number one here tends to be that both LED and CFL feature much lower energy consumption when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. You can expect an LED to use a tenth or less wattage, and a CLF to use roughly half to an eighth on average. For a single bulb the difference is small, but when you’re talking a whole-home and outdoor lighting upgrades the difference is huge.
  • Longer bulb and fixture lifespans. Tired of swapping out bulbs all the time and going through the expense of buying bulbs by the dozen? Energy-efficient bulbs do cost more upon purchase, but they also outlive traditional bulbs by many years. That places this investment firmly in the “smart idea” category.
  • More stable bulbs. Energy-efficient bulbs like LEDs, CFL, and even halogen bulbs all tend to work far better in temperature extremes as well, failing far less often in heavy winter weather or on hot days. They even produce less heat, meaning you stand to save a bit on cooling costs in the summer!
  • Less environmental impact. Being eco-friendly is becoming more and more important as time goes on, and swapping out your fixtures and bulbs for higher efficiency ones is a great way to get ahead. Efficient bulbs consume less power, which helps to reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

LED Lights & CFL Fixtures

So what are these high efficiency options we’ve been mentioning? Well the biggest (and current best overall) option on the market is LED. These are “light emitting diodes” which generate light without generating heat, which is the problem with standard incandescent bulbs. Traditional bulbs use energy to run power through an element with the resulting light coming about due to literal heat generation. That’s why they’re inefficient—most of the power is lost to heat energy rather than actual light generation.

CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs also bear mentioning as being highly efficient, but they slightly lose out to LEDs in overall performance and lifespan. Still a solid option, but a small amount inferior.

Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades in Tampa, Florida

Interested in gaining the perks of energy-efficient lighting for your home? Reach out to the lighting and electrical experts at Hoffman Electrical & A/C today! We can help you match your needs for ideal efficient lighting no problem. All it takes is a quick call or contacting our team online!

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