Residential Electric Services in Plant City, Florida

Three single-phase pole-mounted distribution transformers. During an overcast sky or before a storm.Whether you're in Plant City for the rich history or the strawberries, it's a great place to live. However, the older homes in the area can create electrical needs for a modern lifestyle. Hoffman Electrical & A/C has been helping local homeowners with their electrical service needs since 1989.

We offer installations, repairs, and maintenance for your electrical system. Our upfront pricing means no surprises, and we're dedicated to superior customer service.


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Electrical Repair

You rely on your electrical system to work in your Plant City home daily. When you need electrical repair services, count on Hoffman Electrical & A/C to help. We offer a full range of electrical repair services, including:

Signs You Need Electrical Repair

Not sure if you need electrical repairs in your Plant City home? Here are some common signs:

  • Frequent breaker trips
  • Flickering lights
  • Burning smells from fixtures or outlets

For electrical repair in Plant City, FL, contact Hoffman Electrical & AC online or call us at 866-238-3243 to schedule!

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical maintenance is an essential part of maintaining your home. With regular, professional electrical maintenance, you can catch minor problems before they become larger, minimize fire hazards, protect your expensive appliances, and lower your energy bills.

To help you keep to a maintenance schedule, we’ve created the Hoffman Signature Savings Club. In addition to discounts, the program also features:

  • Lifetime warranty for installations
  • Double warranties on all repairs
  • Front-of-line service & scheduling

For electrical maintenance in Plant City, FL, contact Hoffman Electrical & AC online or call us at 866-238-3243.

Electrical Installation

Are you ready to add light to your home or upgrade your living space? Then you need expert and professional electrical installation service. At Hoffman Electrical & A/C, we offer comprehensive electrical installation services, including:

For electrical installation in Plant City, FL, contact Hoffman Electrical & AC online or call us at 866-238-3243 to schedule!

Why Choose Hoffman Electrical & A/C?

Since 1989, Hoffman Electrical & A/C has been helping Plant City homeowners. Our family-owned and -operated business understands your needs because we’re your neighbor! We care for our customers and community.

We offer high-quality service, upfront pricing, and coupons and financing options. Let us deliver superior craftsmanship and customer service on your electrical project.

For electrical services in Plant City, FL, contact Hoffman Electrical & AC online or call us at 866-238-3243 to schedule!

Electrical FAQs

Why is electrical repair necessary?

While the electrical wiring and systems we use now are much safer than older wiring, they can still become dangerous. Loose wires and connections can create sparks, which can lead to fires. Ensuring you schedule prompt electrical repair service will help protect your family, home, and belongings.

Is installing recessed lighting worth it?

Recessed lights also offer a streamlined aesthetic to any room. While determining the worth of investment ultimately depends on the user, installing recessed lighting can increase your home's value by as much as 3%.

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