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electrican working with circuit breakerExperiencing electrical issues in your Oldsmar space? Look no further! Hoffman Electrical & A/C is the go-to electrician in the area for residential and commercial electrical services. We are a family-owned business, serving the community since 1989 and offering over 25 years of industry expertise. Our licensed electricians guarantee top-quality work, and our transparent pricing ensures no surprises or hidden fees. Get your electrical problems solved today with the best home service team in town.

Experience the best with Hoffman Electrical & A/C. Call 866-238-3243 for electrical service in Oldsmar, FL.


Illuminate your spaces with our exceptional lighting services, designed to enhance every corner of your property.

We offer:

  • Recessed lighting: Transform your rooms with sleek and modern recessed lighting, adding a touch of elegance and versatility to any space.
  • Outdoor lighting: Create a captivating outdoor ambiance with our expertly designed lighting solutions, making your landscape come alive during the evenings.
  • Dimmers: Enjoy ultimate control and energy efficiency by installing dimmers, allowing you to set the perfect lighting mood for any occasion.
  • Pool lighting: Make a splash with our stunning pool lighting options, providing a safe and enchanting swimming experience even after sunset.

This list is just the beginning — we have an amazing range of lighting services that can be customized to fit your unique style and preferences. Our skilled team is here to brighten your surroundings and provide top-notch professional lighting solutions.


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With Florida's unpredictable weather, safety and security are paramount concerns for homeowners. At Hoffman Electrical & A/C, we offer whole-home/standby generator services to protect you during power outages. Our generators automatically kick in when the power goes out, providing uninterrupted electricity to keep your home safe and comfortable. You won't have to worry about food spoilage, loss of communication, or discomfort during extended outages.

Trust our expert electricians in Oldsmar, FL, to provide generator services you can depend on. Call Hoffman Electrical & A/C at 866-238-3243 to schedule an appointment.


Our wiring services at Hoffman Electrical & A/C cover various needs, including appliance, kitchen, pool, and hot tub wiring. Our expert electricians ensure that your appliances are properly and safely connected, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity. From kitchen renovations to pool and hot tub installations, we handle all your wiring requirements with professionalism and care, and we also offer other comprehensive wiring services to meet your unique needs.

Need professional wiring services in Oldsmar, FL? Call Hoffman Electrical & A/C at 866-238-3243.

Our Other Services

In addition to our core electrical services, Hoffman Electrical & A/C proudly offers a range of other valuable solutions to meet your needs. Our skilled electricians specialize in panel upgrades, ensuring your electrical system is up-to-date, efficient, and safe. Whether you require electrical installations for new projects or need reliable repairs to address any issues, our team is ready to provide top-notch service and expertise.

We provide a wide range of electrical services in Oldsmar, FL. Call Hoffman Electrical & A/C at 866-238-3243 for all your electrical needs.

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Our skilled electricians are dedicated to ensuring your electrical systems' safety, efficiency, and reliability, providing services such as panel upgrades, installations, and repairs. When you choose Hoffman, you choose a business that values quality workmanship and personalized service.

Schedule electrical services in Oldsmar when you call Hoffman Electrical & A/C at 866-238-3243.


Do I need an electrician to do my pool lighting in Florida?

Yes, hiring an electrician is essential for pool lighting in Florida to ensure safety and compliance with electrical codes in a wet environment.

Are recessed lights trendy?

Yes, recessed lights are considered trendy and remain popular for their sleek and versatile design.

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