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  • Replace Basic Outlet, 2/3 Prong
  • Replace Switch S/P
  • Replace 3 Way Switch
    $22.00 ea.
  • Replace/Install Basic S/P Circuit Breaker 15/20amp
    from $47.00
  • Replace/Install Basic 100/150/200amp Service, Breaker Panel
    (8) from $575.00
  • Replace/Install 150/200 amp Outdoor Service Cable
    from $475.00
  • Replace/Install 200amp Meter Socket,
    from $325.00
  • Install/Replace NEW 125amp, Outdoor Line Cable, Meter Socket, Load Cable
    (15’) from $925.00
  • Install/Replace 125/150/200amp Grounding System
    (ground rod, cold water, gas) from $375.00
  • Install Air Conditioner Line,
    (30amp, 25’) from $275.00
  • Install Dryer Line 30 amp 4 wire
    (15’) from $175.00
  • Install Washer/Appliance line
    (15’) from $80.00
  • Replace Doorbell System (Wiring additional if needed.)
    (Basic) from $195.00, (Chime/Button) transformer $68.00
  • Install NEW Door Bell System Basic (wiring 1st floor,1 button, chime, transformer)
    from $375.00
  • Install NEW Basic Attic Fan, Wiring, Thermostat, Switch, Cut In & Tar  Included
    from $395.00
  • Replace Existing Attic Fan
    from $225.00
  • Ceiling Fan Assembled & Installed to Pre-Wired Box
    from $75.00
  • Switch fan/light dimmer switch
    from $49.00
  • Ceiling Fan Wiring where there is NO Pre Existing Wires (attic access and pull chain operated)
    from $125.00
  • Fans with Switch
    from $165.00
  • Install New Outlet on Existing circuit
    15amp (same wall) from $79.00
  • Water Heater Time Clock
    (Install/Replace),from $125.00
  • Microwave Line 20amp with circuit breaker & outlet
    (NEW) from $125.00 (30’)
  • Recess Can Lights
    from $70.00 (open ceiling) and from $99.00 in existing ceiling
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