When to Call an Electrician

Some may think they know when it’s obvious to call your electrician, but sometimes we think we can put it off or do it ourselves. No matter what though, you should make sure you don’t put yourself or your family at risk. So you should make sure any electrical problems are taken care of. Here are a few things to look for so you know when to call an electrician, like Hoffman Electrical & A/C.

Flickering Lights - You notice that your bedroom light isn’t as bright as usual or lamp pauses before coming on. If those seem familiar, you might have a poor connection somewhere along the circuit. If tightening bulbs or plugging appliances into other outlets doesn’t work, call an electrician!

Bumps under the Rug - Stepping on rug bumps because you’re stretching for one cord to reach another? Call an electrician to talk about more outlets in your room. You might not think so but this is setting up a dangerous living situation.

Warm to the Touch - Are your outlets and switches warm to the touch? Is there blackening around the switch plate? Does it give it a little shock? There could be too much demand on the circuit or something worse. Have it checked just in case.

Rust - Is your service panel showing signs of rust or moisture? Then something might be wrong. Deterioration on the panel threatens your wiring connections. Call to have it checked it out.

Antique System - If you have an older home, you might have an older setup that doesn’t hold up for today’s electrical needs. Make sure yours is up to date because it could prove dangerous otherwise.

No Three Pronged Outlets - You might be thinking, “So I don’t have three pronged outlets, what’s the problem?” The problem is that if you don’t have three pronged outlets, your electrical system might not be fully grounded which is unsafe. Plus it’s going to be annoying if you buy an electrical appliance with a three pronged plug that won’t plug in!

An Octopus at Every Outlet - If you have plug strips or multi-receptacle add-ons tangled around your outlets, you are making your electrical system work beyond its capacity. Ask an electrician how to handle this so that you can use your electronics without frying your system.

Outlet/Switches won’t work - If you have a whole set of outlets that aren’t working or dead, you may have a poor connection somewhere along the line. An electrician can solve this problem for you.

In the Dark - If your circuit breaker trips or a fuse blows far too often than you would like, then your circuits maybe drawing more current than they can provide. This is dangerous and you should see an electrician immediately.

While you think you may be able to do everything yourself, make sure you put your safety first above everything else. Electricians are trained to handle these sorts of situations. Schedule an appointment if any of these things sound familiar to you so our electricians can come running!

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