Can I Shower During a Power Outage?

Sudden power outages are a considerable pain for any homeowner in Tampa or the surrounding areas. They tend to rob us of a lot of our daily comforts, and can even drastically impact simple day to day tasks! But does an outage rob you of showering as well, or can you just go about your business in this regard? Follow along with the experts at Hoffman Electrical & A/C today while we discuss the topic.

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What’s the Problem?

Your power’s the thing that’s off, so why worry about the shower, right? Well the question is one regarding exactly how you get your water. Most homes rely on either a hot water heater, an electrical well pump, or a tankless heater system or boiler. See the problem? All of these require electricity to function.

There are a few exceptions, which we’ll get to in a moment, but most systems need electrical power in order to operate. Now with that said not all hope is lost for your hot shower dreams. Let's go over the possible scenarios here:

  • Tankless water heaters. If you use a tankless system, you’re a bit out of luck in this very specific scenario. Tankless systems have no reservoir and rely on electricity (both electric-based and gas tankless systems need electricity) to keep up, so no power means no hot water. Enjoy your cold shower, maybe?
  • Electric hot water heaters. A traditional electric system with the tank will have some hot water to work with. Trouble is you don’t know how much exactly, and you may need it for other things. If a hot shower is your top priority then go for it, just do it soon before the tank cools.
  • Gas hot water heaters. This one is a little bit harder to give you a definitive answer. Old tank gas systems use an independant pilot and ignition, which means they do somewhat fine without power. However most modern systems use incorporated electrical components, so if yours is newer the odds are against you. You can certainly test it out as it is safe to do so, but be prepared for sudden cold water.

But Is It Safe?

Worried because a storm is what knocked out your electricity? There’s actually very little to worry about in that regard! The whole struck by lightning in a shower thing is kind of a tall tale. The only real danger is the lack of light, and for that we recommend a battery-powered lantern for safety. Avoid candles or gas lamps, since they can fall over and start a fire.

For Showers Any Time, Choose a Generator!

Want to ensure you can shower no matter what, as well as keep the lights on, the furnace running, and your fridge in proper order? If so, it’s time to get a generator for your home. Standby generators are a modest investment that can pay you back considerably in convenience and cost. There are a lot of options available, too, so you can choose the investment that suits your specific needs best.

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