Make Sure Your Home Is Safe From Electrical Problems

We’re always hearing horror stories about a house burning down from a faulty electrical appliance or bad wiring. The problem is that they are too often true.

Your family does not need to worry if you are keeping tabs on your home electrical system and following a few simple tips suggested by Tampa’s Hoffman Electrical & A/C:

  • * Keep an eye on power sources. A misplaced fuse can be disastrous. Maintain and replace fuses regularly. Also make sure you use the right size fuse, since the wrong one could result in strained house wiring, damaged wires, or house fires – just what you’re trying to avoid. Consider installing a circuit breaker, which will give you more control over the electrical power flow. A circuit breaker will also protect your home more effectively than fuses.
  • * Monitor your electrical appliances. Appliances that generate heat, like televisions, electrical light fixtures, or microwave ovens, should always be given plenty of space for good air circulation; remember to keep paper, cloth, and plastic away from them. You should also be sure to keep appliances away from sinks and bathtubs, and don’t operate them while standing in water. If an appliance seems faulty, contact an electrical repairman.
  • * Check your power cords. Be sure they are not cracked or frayed. And by all means, do not overload extension cords. Instead, buy a quality power plug strip if you need extra power outlets. Also, avoid running cords under rugs or where people can easily trip over them.

Following these guidelines should keep you and your family safe. For your questions about all things electrical, contact the licensed professionals at Hoffman Electrical & A/C at 866-238-3243. We are conveniently located at 502 S. Falkenburg Rd., Ste. D-8, Tampa, 33619.

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