How to Spot an Electrician Scam

Scams are nothing new in the Tampa area. For years and years, unscrupulous folks have been trying to cheat homeowners out of their money. And in the dead of summer, scamming is at its worst! All kinds of unsavory folks come out of the woodwork, offering false claims about electrical, lighting, and other contract work that they have no intention of actually doing.

At Hoffman Electrical & A/C, there is very little more important to us than providing dependable, high-quality services to our consumers. We’ve seen it all, and we know how to spot a scammer! Today our experts want to offer some tips and signs that you might be dealing with a scam and how to handle them. The only thing more important than our service is your safety!

How to Spot an Electrical Scam in Florida

Your best defense against a scam is knowing how formulaic they are. There are only so many ways you can approach someone and just as few ways to cheat. It’s all about understanding how their games work and how to spot the signs:

  • Scare tactics. These scams are built around putting as much pressure on you as possible, forcing you to make hasty decisions before you’ve had time to think. Scare tactics are often over the phone, but more often you’ll find them in door-to-door situations. Never make a decision about contract work in the moment. Open communication and clear information are key, and proper businesses don’t do the door-to-door thing.
  • Upfront payment scams. Some scammers are pretty smart and take steps to come across as a proper professional. So what’s the tell? They often want payment up front, asking for credit card information over the phone or cash-only when in person. Full payment up front is very uncommon with a real business. In fact, no one really does it.
  • E-mail scams. Get an email from your service provider or a business you’ve worked with in the past demanding an immediate payment? First off, check the spelling very carefully. Odds are, there’s a misplaced letter or number in the mail. If a proper business needs your attention for something, they’ll do it in proper mail or over the phone!

Telltale Signs of a Scammer

You usually can’t pick ‘em by appearance alone, but a lot of them share common flaws:

  • Scammers lack credentials. Always be sure the electrician you’re working with is licensed and certified. What’s more, make sure they’re licensed and certified within the state they want to do work in! If your electrician isn’t licensed to work in Florida, they can’t work in Florida.
  • Scammers try too hard. Ever met one of those people who come across as just way too friendly? It usually feels like they’re not being genuine, or hiding something. Scammers do this a lot. They’re in a rush and trying to get you to sign on a deal or fork over cash before they’re caught—and this fact often makes them overact the part!

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Hoffman Electrical & A/C is a family owned and operated business serving the Tampa and Brandon, Florida communities since 1989. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff of electricians install, repair, and perform regular maintenance check-ups in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. When you need an electrician in your home, let our family help yours! We provide a variety of in-home electrical services, including installations, repair, and routine maintenance. Not only do we offer high-quality installs, we’ll also make sure your equipment continues to work efficiently and safely.

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