DIY Electrical and Insurance Issues

electricianWith the DIY craze in full swing these days, do-it-yourselfers are attempting to refurbish, rehab, rebuild and remodel anything and everything within the walls of their homes. All you have to do is turn to any home improvement channel to observe a novice trying to tackle a major home renovation project. Some seem to know what they are doing, but most do not.

It is astonishing to see the number of load-bearing walls carelessly knocked down in the name of remodeling. Even more disturbing are homeowners who flirt with disaster by cutting live electrical wires! When the sparks start flying, these DIY-ers act shocked (no pun intended) that the wires are hot!

Electrical Permits

Much of this work is done without the homeowner getting the proper permits, which can create serious safety risks, not to mention invalid insurance claims regarding faulty workmanship. Scenarios like these are the perfect formula for a catastrophe!

Major or minor electrical work that is not properly permitted usually results in a denied insurance claim if damage, such as fire, results from improper work. Although it’s perfectly legal in most states for the homeowner to do his or her own electrical wiring, it can actually be less costly to have a licensed professional do the electrical work for you; it’s safe, licensed, permitted and done properly. Your insurance company will thank you!

Insurance Benefits

In fact, many major insurance companies offer a number of discounts if you have your electrical wiring upgraded to current codes. Check with your insurance company, and then contact a licensed electrician to learn the safety and cost benefits of having your home’s electrical service updated. Some DIY projects are better left to the professionals. This is one of them. After all, you can’t put a price on safety!


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