Childproofing Your Electrical Outlets

Access to electricity is pretty much one of the most fundamental parts of our lives in modern day. Consciously and unconsciously, we use it nearly every minute. And some of us even more often. But an important and unfortunate fact is that electricity can also be scary. There are loads of accidents involving electrical shock and fires each and every year. And when you factor your kids into the equation, things can get even scarier.

At Hoffman Electrical & A/C, the only thing more important to our team than perfect service is the absolute safety of our patrons. Your family is our family, and we want to do everything in our power to keep you safe and happy!

Why Childproofing Outlets Is Important

It’s a fact of life that children are extremely curious. From birth all the way up to the teens, kids are learning and growing at an exceptionally rapid rate due to their innate curiosity. This is why teaching safety is a serious deal and should be pursued in-depth for kids of all ages.

But an incident with an outlet isn’t as mild as say, dealing with a grumpy cat. You can’t risk kids learning by example on this one! And this is why childproofing outlets and taking steps to protect your family is so critical.

How Do I Childproof My Outlets?

First thing’s first, get down low in your home. Your toddler or infant is seeing a much different world than you are and it can be hard to accurately access the dangers they face from way up at adult height! Take note of accessible outlets (and while you’re there, it’s a good idea to peek around for tripping and choking hazards, too!) and determine the best method of removing the danger.

  • Ensure you’re using tamper resistant (TR) outlets. Not only are they a NEC code requirement as of 2014, but these outlets also provide a layer of defense against unwanted use by children. We say layer because these do help considerably, but you should rely on additional defenses as well. They’re tamper resistant, not tamper-proof. Also, be sure to have these installed by a professional! They aren’t exceptionally difficult to install at all, but if any mistakes are made, they won’t be all that safe and can be a pain in the foot to use.
  • Use outlet covers (shutters are best!). Even those little plastic plug covers are decent, but the trouble is many parents forget to reinsert them after use, and while they’re lying around they present a choking hazard. For the best solution, look into shutter-style covers that are directly installed in the outlet. These are permanent, and are very effective at keeping your little ones safe and away from harmful outlet incidents.

Why Choose Hoffman Electrical & A/C for Your Florida Residential Electric Needs?

Hoffman Electrical & A/C is a family owned and operated business serving the Tampa and Brandon, Florida communities since 1989. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff of electricians install, repair, and perform regular maintenance check-ups in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. When you need an electrician in your home, let our family help yours! We provide a variety of in-home electrical services, including installations, repair, and routine maintenance. Not only do we offer high-quality installs, we’ll also make sure your equipment continues to work efficiently and safely.

For electrical services in Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, or their surrounding areas, contact us online or call us at (866) 238-3243 today!

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