Why Install a Whole-Home Generator? Top 3 Benefits Explained

If you live in Florida, you’ve probably experienced a power outage from a hurricane, transformer explosion, or human error while living in your home. Power outages and rolling blackouts are disruptive and can lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars in waste and damages. Preventing outages and power disruptions in your home is easy with a whole-home generator, but how do they stack up to other types of generators, and are they worth it?

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What Whole-Home Generators Are For

Whole-home generators are permanently installed systems that automatically supply power to your home when your main power source fails. They run on natural gas or propane and provide seamless power to your appliances, heating, cooling, lighting, and refrigerator. Whole-home generators offer more power than portable generators, even though they cost more. Inverter generators operate using clean energy, which is better for sensitive electronics but less powerful than whole-home backup generators. Solar generators can be expensive compared to whole-home generators but have low operating costs.

Increased Power Reliability and Security

A whole-home generator automatically switches on during outages, so you’ll never experience a power interruption. Safety protocols like overload protection, automatic shutdown for low oil or other maintenance issues, and carbon monoxide monitoring protect your family. It also protects your family by maintaining power to your home security system. If you live in a region prone to outages and rolling blackouts, a whole-home generator will keep your lights on.

Protection Against Power Outages and Disruptions

Upon sensing a power outage, your generator’s automatic transfer switches on. You’ll have a nearly seamless transition from city to backup power. Even if you are experiencing a long-term outage due to a natural disaster like a hurricane, you'll still have power since a whole-home generator can run for extended periods.

Cost Savings and Return on Investment

A huge reason to install a whole-home generator is to prevent property damage in bad weather. Frozen pipes and basement floods are avoidable with a generator. It also keeps your perishable foods from going bad in case you lose power. You don't have to stay at a hotel or crash with friends or relatives while your power is restored. If you work from home, a backup whole-home generator is a good investment, so you won't have to relocate to the office or a coffee shop daily without power.

While the upfront cost of a whole-home generator can be hefty, the benefits outweigh the initial sticker shock. Call 866-238-3243 to set up a consultation in Tampa, FL.

Schedule Whole-Home Generator Installation With Hoffman

Are you ready to protect your home, your largest investment, and your family with a whole-home backup generator? The electricians at Hoffman Electrical have the skills and experience to install a whole-home generator in your home without disrupting your daily routine. As a family-owned and -operated business, we take pride in caring about your family the way we care about ours.

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