Retail Electrical Services in St. Petersburg, Florida

As a retail store owner, you know understand how important it is to have a trustworthy electrical company on speed dial. Your sales and revenue rely on your store’s environment—your customers and employees should feel comfortable at all times. We have a simple, and often overlooked solution, improve the lighting in your St. Petersburg area retail business! Revamping the lighting in your boutique has proven to increase employee happiness, efficiency, and productivity! Don’t wait—this lighting improvement will make a huge difference for your retail location!

Hoffman Electrical & A/C has the experience you need to install and maintain the right heating and cooling system for your retail store in St. Petersburg. Contact us today about upgrading, installing, or repairing your store’s electrical systems!

Retail Store Lighting Installation Through Pinellas County

Poor lighting is known to decrease employee productivity. In a typical business expense breakdown, labor accounts for as much as 85 percent of operating costs, while lighting only accounts for one percent. As a result, your business could be decreasing its operational efficiency—and ultimately affecting your bottom line—without proper retail store lighting. It’s important to consider the:

  • Color of retail lights – The color, or “temperature” of your store’s lights account for the most dramatic effect on employee tasks. Brighter light, also known as “white light,” is known to increase employee productivity and cause employees to feel more energized and less stressed than yellow, or “warm” light.
  • Brightness of retail lights – Like the color, the brightness of your store’s lighting is also known to negatively affect employee performance. A poorly lit store can actually cause employees to feel fatigued!
  • Quantity of retail lights – Nobody likes tired employees—but this doesn’t mean you should load your store with more lights. A store that is too bright can also cause employees to feel sluggish and exhausted. Our expert electricians can help you decide on the correct lighting for your retail space.

If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your current store’s lighting system, or need electrical repairs, contact the certified electricians at Hoffman Electrical & A/C. We’ll perform a comprehensive analysis of your existing store lights and work with you to recommend the best lighting fixtures, bulbs, and placement to improve your retail environment.

Parking Lot Lighting Services in St. Petersburg

When installing new parking lot lights, there are a variety of factors to consider, such as height, number of lights needed, placement, and more. Hoffman Electrical & A/C’s certified electricians have over 25 years of experience installing and maintaining parking lot lights all over Pinellas County! Our parking lot lighting services include:

  • Parking lot lighting installation – Parking lot lights can be installed for practical reasons (e.g. safety) or for decorative reasons (e.g. holiday lighting) and are available in two main sizes; 25 – 45 feet and 12 – 16 feet tall. Taller parking lot lights are generally used to provide adequate lighting come nightfall for your commercial property, while shorter lights are typically used as ornamental or decorative pieces.
  • Parking log lighting repair – If you notice a bulb or two out in one of your parking lot lights, be sure to give Hoffman Electrical & A/C repair. We’ll send an electrician to diagnose and repair your parking lot lights—from bulb replacements to more in-depth electrical issues.
  • Parking lot lighting maintenance – Want us to perform a routine checkup to ensure your parking lot lights are fully illuminated and up to code? No problem! A Hoffman electrician will ensure all of your parking lot lights and signage are burning properly and safely.

Benefits of Parking Lot Lighting for Retail Stores

There are a number of advantages to installing lighting in your St. Petersburg retail store’s parking lot, including:

  • Protection for your business – If your business has an unlit parking lot, then it’s more likely to attract unwanted attention from thieves and burglars who are looking to stay out of sight before potentially performing a break-in.
  • Protection for your employees and customers – A well-lit area creates a safer environment for passers-by and local pedestrians. Similarly, employees walk through the parking lot late at night when it's dark—and it gets darker earlier in the fall and winter—meaning that there is a greater chance of being robbed in an area that isn’t properly illuminated.
  • Presentation – Lighting will illuminate the parking lot and the adjacent building, making the facility appear more presentable and professional to anyone who comes to visit.

Installing lighting in your retail store’s parking lot is the best way to ensure safety for your employees and customers.

Maintenance for Retail Electrical Systems in Pinellas County

Maintenance can make all the difference when it comes to providing a reliable electrical system for your employees and customers. When a system is not well maintained, it is more likely to suffer from major repair issues. These repair issues can lead to a building being without electricity for hours at a time, which would result in closing your retail store—which will negatively impact your sales!

We charge by the job, not by the hour. That means when our licensed electricians stop by your retail location for a routine check-up or preventative maintenance, your sales won’t suffer! By having Hoffman Electrical & A/C perform regular maintenance on your retail electrical system in St. Petersburg, you have a better chance at having an electrical system that operates smoothly without major complications!

Why Call Hoffman Electrical & A/C for Retail Electrical Service in Florida?

Hoffman Electrical & A/C is a family-owned and operated business providing high-quality electrical services to commercial retail properties in St. Petersburg since 1989. We hold our electricians up to the highest industry standards to ensure each job gets done right.

With two offices and a team of licensed electricians, we will complete any electrical installation or repair on time and on budget. We offer:

Retail Electrical Services in St. Petersburg, FL

Whether you need to install or revamp your retail store’s current electrical system or you need to repair your parking lot lights, Hoffman Electrical & A/C is here to help. Contact us online or by phone at 866-238-3243 to schedule service for your electrical signs in the St. Petersburg area today!

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