Breaker Panel Repair in Hillsborough & Pinellas County

The breaker panel in your home plays a vital role in keeping your home safe and operational. When something goes amiss with it, your Tampa or St. Petersburg home can be put at serious risk of electrical damage, appliance damage, and even electrical fire. You need repair, and not just any repair, but service from certified, professional electricians.

The team at Hoffman Electrical & A/C has been providing the best in the business to Florida homeowners for years! We always put your needs above all else, and our repair team always arrives on time, and ready to get the job done right!

Is your breaker panel acting up, or are you experiencing electrical problems in your home? Don’t put your safety at risk! Contact our experts online today, or give us a call at 866-238-3243!

Breaker Panel Repair Services

We take your need for operable electricity very seriously, and even more so your safety. When you call on a Hoffman Electrical & A/C professional, we respond fast, bringing you superior care and service that guarantees perfect results. Our leading repair teams use cutting-edge diagnostics and years of experience to find the root cause of your electrical panel problems, so that we can provide speedy and accurate repairs that return your home to normalcy as soon as possible.

Signs You May Need Breaker Panel Repair in Tampa, FL

Your breaker panel is often pretty much out of sight, out of mind, and it can be hard to determine when there’s a problem if you lack electrical experience. But don’t worry, there are some clear signs to keep an eye out for, and our experts are here to tell you what they are:

  • Frequent breaker trips. When a breaker trips, it is shutting off access to the circuit in your home that it protects. Normally, this is a good thing, as it keeps you and your appliances safe. The breaker can simply be manually reset once it trips, and you can figure out what tripped it easily. But when a breaker starts tripping frequently or constantly, it’s time to call in for professional service.
  • Flickering home lights. Flickering lights can actually be caused by a wide variety of electrical issues, and sometimes it can even be somewhat normal, such as when you operate heavy electric tools. But the most common problem amongst them is a panel issue. This goes even more so if all or a section of the lights in your home are flickering all at once.
  • Warm or hot wiring. If wires, outlets, or appliances are running hot, stop using them at all! This is cause for alarm, and you’ll need a certified electrician to come check out the problem right away. When working properly, outlets and wires should never get hot, and when they do, it’s often a sign that the panel isn’t performing properly.

Why Choose Hoffman Electrical & A/C for Breaker Panel Repair?

Family owned and operated since 1989, Hoffman Electrical & A/C provides high quality electrical craftsmanship. With over 25 years of industry experience, our professionally trained and licensed electrical technicians can help solve any electrical issue in your Tampa or St. Petersburg home. We offer:

Call Hoffman Electrical & A/C at 866-238-3243 or contact us to schedule your electrical services today!

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