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a backyard swimming pool with lights installedHoffman Electrical & A/C is a family-owned and -operated electrical service provider in Spring Hill and surrounding areas. Servicing the area since 1989, we're a trusted source of electrical and HVAC expertise for both commercial and residential properties. We take care of our customers with special savings and quality performance, ensuring the safety, compliance, and longevity of their homes and businesses.

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Lighting creates comfort, tone, and vibe in all areas of a home or building. Our professionals ensure your lighting is not just designed well but installed safely and properly. We handle a vast range of residential lighting services, including things like:

  • Recessed lighting: When it comes to recessed lighting, it's crucial to entrust a professional electrician who can expertly install concealed fixtures, outlets, and wiring to ensure a seamless and safe solution.
  • Outdoor lighting: Outdoor lighting services encompass the design and installation of electrical systems and fixtures specifically designed for exterior spaces, ensuring safety and functionality for applications such as outdoor lighting, outlets, and equipment.
  • Dimmers: Dimmer switches help with energy savings, the life span of the bulbs, and enhanced aesthetics in the room. But these switches must be installed properly to work safely.
  • Pool lighting: Water and electricity can be a dangerous combination when not handled safely. Our technicians specialize in swimming pool lighting fixtures, such as underwater and perimeter lights.

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Keeping your home powered during and after a storm makes all the difference in how quickly you’re back on your feet after the weather clears. We install whole-home standby generators to keep Tampa, FL, homes and residents better protected from extreme and unpredictable Gulf Coast weather.


It’s tempting to DIY, but it’s best to contact a professional for wiring in your home, especially for things like large appliances, outdoor lighting, and hot tub wiring. Improper residential wiring can lead to circuit overload and other dangerous (and costly) occurrences.

Contact us today to properly wire your home for long-term safety and code compliance. Call 866-238-3243 to request wiring services in Spring Hill, FL.

Our Other Services

Hoffman Electrical & A/C is a full-service electrical and HVAC contractor. Our technicians handle various other commercial and residential electrical services, including panel upgrades, new electrical installation, repairs, and more.

Why Choose Hoffman?

We're a widely trusted contractor in the Tampa area, receiving local recognition and employing highly vetted and experienced technicians. You'll receive an honest, upfront service experience and be left with peace of mind that your electrical systems are safe, secure, and up to code.

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What kind of generator do I need in Florida?

The best type of generator for Florida homes is a whole-home standby generator. Standby generators tap directly into your electrical line, as opposed to requiring fuel or manual hookup, and have endless power supply, making it the best option for hurricane preparation.

Do I need an electrician to do my hot tub lighting?

Yes. An electrician should always do outdoor lighting and large appliances to ensure safe installation and electrical load. Hot tubs are large appliances and contain water, so it's important to make sure the wiring is done safely to avoid injury while using your hot tub.

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