Restaurant Electrical Services in Hillsborough & Pinellas County

The lighting in your restaurant has a drastic impact on nearly every aspect of your business. Certain ingredients require specific lighting conditions, customers respond better to professionally-lit businesses, and lighting even plays a role in the productivity and happiness of your staff! If you’re ready to take your business to the next level with superior lighting solutions, the certified electricians at Hoffman Electrical & A/C are here to help.

Hoffman Electrical & A/C is a licensed, certified, and insured electrical service company that covers your every need for your commercial business. To maximize your lighting or for electrical upgrades, or electrical repair services, there’s no service better suited to meeting your needs in Tampa, FL!

Looking for superior lighting solutions and electrical services for restaurants in Florida? Contact Hoffman Electrical & A/C online today!

Restaurant Lighting Installation in the St. Petersburg Area

Weak or poor lighting can dramatically reduce employee productivity, make patrons uncomfortable, and can even impact your stores of supplies and products. To maximize the efficiency of your business, and create a smoother work and consumer environment, lighting is the perfect choice! To improve the lighting of your restaurant, consider:

  • The color of your light sources – Bright, clean light known as white light has been shown to improve mood, increase productivity, and make spaces feel more comfortable. Conversely, yellow (“warm”) light often makes a space feel smaller and claustrophobic, also contributing to higher stress levels and lower productivity of employees.
  • The brightness level in your business – Tied directly to the color and type of your lights, the brightness level also impact the comfort of those within your business, employee, and consumer alike. Adequate brightness also improves the safety of your business, reducing risks to patrons and staff.
  • The balance of lighting in your restaurant – Too much light can also negatively impact your restaurant. Excessive light can flood your space, making those in your business feel exposed, tired, and uncomfortable. Finding the right balance is key to a perfect indoor lighting design.

If you’re ready to upgrade the lighting in your business, the seasoned and certified lighting specialists at Hoffman Electrical & A/C are here to help! We’ve been helping restaurants in the Tampa area get the most out of their lighting for years, and we have all of the tools, experience, and superior products needed to sure the job gets done, and done right!

Restaurant Electrical Services

Our services extend to cover all of your electrical needs! Whether you need superior lighting installation, electrical repair, or commercial business electrical upgrades, we have all you need to get the best service in our area. Contact Hoffman Electrical & A/C for:

Maintenance for Restaurant Electrical Systems

Maintenance is the key to a reliable, effective electrical system in your restaurant. With our maintenance services, you can guarantee the continued success of your business with reliable access to the power you need to maintain business.

Our services are charged per job, not by the hour, saving you the headache of wrestling with complex and incomprehensible billing! By having Hoffman Electrical & A/C perform regular maintenance on your retail electrical system, you can rest assured that you have all of the safe electrical access you need.

Why Call Hoffman Electrical & A/C for Restaurant Electrical Service in Florida?

Hoffman Electrical & A/C is a family-owned and operated business providing high-quality electrical services to restaurants throughout Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg since 1989. We hold our electricians up to the highest industry standards to ensure each job gets done right.

With two offices and a team of licensed electricians, we will complete any electrical installation or repair on time and on budget. We offer:

Restaurant Electrical Services in the Hillsborough & Pinellas County

Whether you need to install or revamp your restaurant’s current electrical system or you need to repair your parking lot lights, Hoffman Electrical & A/C is here to help. Contact us online or by phone at (866) 238-3243 to schedule service in Tampa, Clearwater, or the St. Petersburg area today!

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