Why Is My Pool Light Dim?

A backyard pool provides years of fun for your entire family. Gatherings are so much more exciting when there’s a pool available. The sultry Tampa and St. Petersburg evenings provide a wonderful opportunity for adults to entertain around the pool patio, indulging in a late night dip. There’s no more inviting sight than a sparkling pool, just waiting for you and your family.

One of the best ways to enhance your poolscape after the sun goes down is by installing lighting. Pool lights illuminate the dazzling water and create a safe night time swimming environment. They provide security, especially when there are little ones about. But, when your lights start to act up-dimming, cutting on and off, or going out for no reason, you need to locate the source of the interruption in your pool lighting—and fast.

Reasons for Dimming Pool Lights

Given the many components involved in lighting your pool, not all of the fixes are simple. Any time electricity is involved, the wise choice is to hire a certified electrician. Electrical work is not a DIY undertaking, especially when water is involved. Leave the repairs to the professionals.

But, knowing the possible causes for your dimming or intermittent pool light can help you understand the work that will need to be done. It may be an easy fix, such as tightening some loose housing, replacing the bulb, or something more involved requiring professional electric work. Here are some common causes for dim or faulty, pool lights.

  • Loose Fixture – A very common cause of dimming pool lights is simply wobbly housing. Lots of pool activities, such as children playing around, people jumping in and out, or the like, can cause the lock screws to become loose. Sometimes it’s just as simple as getting in the pool with your Philips screwdriver and tightening the lock screw. Should your screw be stripped, don’t just replace the screw. There is a corresponding O-ring that acts as a gasket to form a water proof seal and must be replaced along with the screw.
  • Leaky Housing – Your pool light is housed behind a lens and a housing gasket, which keeps the waterproof seal. Over time, the heavy rubber of the gasket can break down. Exposure to chlorine and other pool chemicals can erode the seal and water can enter the housing, causing the light to short out. When water enters the housing, your breaker or GFCI may trip. If it appears more than just the gasket has been damaged, the wise thing to do is call the electrician.
  • Burnt-Out Bulb – This may seem like an easy fix-just replace the burnt out bulb, right? But, not so fast! If your bulb is relatively new and has absolutely burned out (broken filament is evident) you should contact an electrician. Bulbs that burn out before their time can indicate an electrical issue, such as a power surge or faulty wiring.
  • Overloaded Circuit Breaker – An overloaded circuit breaker will interrupt the electrical flow to a circuit when it becomes dangerously overtaxed. If you suspect the problem is your breaker due to continued “tripping”, you will need to contact a certified electrician. Your breaker is also linked to your household wiring and should not be repaired or replaced by anyone other than a certified professional.
  • GFCI/Shock Hazard – When your pool wiring was installed, it was equipped with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. This device is in place when there is an above average risk of shock. When the GFCI is alerted to a shock hazard, it will shut down the current to that line. At this point, contact a professional.
  • Continuity Disruption – Whether from degradation of the lines, power surges, or any number of issues, the continued supply of electricity running to your pool light can be compromised. This is simply not a DIY fix. Finding the point of interruption in your electrical line is difficult, at best, for a non-licensed electrician.

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