5 Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill

Doesn’t it seem like electricity costs are always on the rise? Monthly bills are especially expensive during Florida’s hot and humid summers, when you need air conditioning to stay comfortable. Fortunately, you can lower your electric bill—and do your part for the environment—by following these five tips.

How to Lower Your Electric Bill in Florida

  1. Run the air conditioner more efficiently: Efficient home cooling is the number one way to lower your electric bill in the summer. To help the AC run at its peak, make sure you close all windows and doors whenever it's on. Use a programmable thermostat to save energy while you’re gone at work all day. When you’re home, set the temperature to 78 degrees and run a ceiling fan to help you feel about 4 degrees cooler.
  2. Save on lighting: Replace the light bulbs you use most often with compact fluorescents. They consume less energy, generate less heat, and last up to 10 times longer than incandescent lights. Switch off the lights when you leave a room and rely on natural light whenever possible.
  3. Use appliances wisely: Wait until cooler evening hours to run the dishwasher and dryer. Warm up food in the microwave instead of using the heat-generating oven or stovetop. These tactics prevent heating up your home in the summer, so you won’t have to rely on your cooling system quite as much.
  4. Watch those electronics: Turn off the computer, TV, and other electronics when not in use. To prevent “energy vampires” from leaching electricity from the wall, unplug power adapters for cell phone chargers, laptops, and game consoles between uses. When it’s time to replace any appliances, look for ENERGY STAR® qualified products.
  5. Improve home insulation: If you don’t have adequate insulation in your attic, all that heat could be making your air conditioner work harder. Add another layer of insulation for good measure. Also, make sure the ductwork is sealed and insulated so air remains cool on its way to supply registers.

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There are so many ways to lower your bill that you might not think of. If you need help implementing these tips—whether you want to have a ceiling fan installed or indoor lighting rearranged—call Hoffman Electrical & A/C. We can help with all your electrical needs in the Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL areas. Our licensed electricians will also be happy to offer additional advice to help you lower your electric bill, in the summer and all year long.

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