Safety Is First When Dealing With Electricity At Home

We live in an electrical world. Yet few of us are as trained and equipped to handle electricity as the licensed professionals at Tampa’s own family-owned Hoffman Electrical & A/C.

So from our family to yours, here are a few tips you should follow when it comes to electrical safety in the home:


  • Install outlets that are GCFI (ground fault circuit interrupter), which are indispensable to ensure safety in the house, though they are specifically designed for outdoor use.


  • Use GCFI. Install GCFI outlets in various rooms, such as bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. This will tell you when there is a faulty wiring connection in the house. In such a case, it will automatically trip and shut down, limiting any damage to appliances.


  • Be careful with your power sources. Avoid using extension cords since they tend to encourage overloads and cause electrical hazards. This is one of the most overlooked safety tips.


  • Look into other options. To accommodate multiple appliances, use a plug strip that is at least two to three feet long. A high-quality plug strip will give you more power openings without the hazards. However, if you are looking for a long-term solution, you could always add more power wall plugs.


  • Clean your clothes dryer lint screen after every use. Lint buildup can be a fire hazard.


  • Use the right wattage replacement bulb. The heat from higher wattage bulbs can singe the ceiling or fixture or even cause a full-blown fire.


  • Always use fuses that are the right size. Many people prefer to use fuses because they are easier to replace than circuit breakers, but they often use one that is too large. To avoid hazards, use the correct size for the wiring in the fuse box, and make sure they are tightened.


Hoffman Electric, which has been serving Tampa since 1989, is always on call to help with your electrical needs. We service residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Call us at 866-238-3243! We are conveniently located at 502 S. Falkenburg Rd., Ste. D-8, Tampa, 33619.

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