How Electricians Bill Their Work

Home repairs and electrical work can seem difficult to understand, which can make reading the billing for this work after it is completed even harder. If you are working with an electrician you can trust, the entire process will be transparent and you can feel free to ask questions along the way. Starting with an estimate, and open lines of communication, the bill for an electrician’s work should not be hard to decipher when the work is done.

Your Original Estimate

When you first speak with an electrician, explain what work you would like done and show the space that requires the work. This will give the electrician the opportunity to ask you questions about the current systems, the age of your property, or your precise expectations before work is done. Complications that may arise later can be planned for with this first visit and estimate. Old wiring, tight spaces, and incompatibilities can all be discovered before work even starts.

Parts and Labor

You can discuss parts and labor in the first estimate. If your electrician cannot give you an estimate on the time it might take to complete the job, or will not show you a price list for parts, you might not want to do business with that electrician.

Honest electricians will show you the price for parts, in person or on their website, so you can be sure of the costs before you begin. The estimate on how long it will take to complete the job is a the electrician’s best guess, but you can troubleshoot with him or her to see what might make the work take longer than planned. A quality electrician will be able to name issues that may arise, and estimate what those complications require in advance of taking the job.

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